10 Most Successful And Best Startups in Pakistan 2022

10 Most Successful And Best Startups in Pakistan 2022

The top 10 most successful startups in Pakistan in 2022 will be discussed In this Article. There are many best Startups come In front in year of 2022.

Historically, Pakistan’s startup culture has had a hazy reputation. People were only familiar with a few successful businesses. However, in recent years, the top Pakistani businesses have been presented. Furthermore, the popularity of these businesses expanded as they employed advanced technology and as the usage of the internet for advertising increased.

10 Best and  Most Successful Startups in Pakistan 2022

Some of the Pakistan startups are fast expanding. As a result, it is hard to ignore them. They offer the greatest services to their consumers and employ cutting-edge technology for safety and security.

People sometimes wonder and look for which startup in Pakistan is on the top list of startups with the highest growth rate in Pakistan. But don’t fear, because some of the greatest and most successful firms in 2022 are already working in Pakistan, with a greater growth rate, as detailed below.


Tajir is the greatest and most successful startup in Pakistan in 2022. It was created by Babar Khan and Ismail Khan. it then launched in Lahore in 2018. and this compnay is now on the list of Pakistan’s top startups.

Tajir has B2B, marketplace, retail, and e-commerce industry facilities.

Tajir has 22 investors and has completed four rounds of fundraising. It has a total financing of $18,950,000. This startup employs between 11 and 50 people.

Founder of Tajir:

Tajir is a B2B ecommerce marketplace for small businesses based in Lahore. Tajir, founded in 2018 by a brother and sister combination, Babar Khan and Ismail Khan, makes it simple for mom and pop businesses (also known as kiryana stores locally) in the country (for now in Central Punjab, mostly Lahore) to buy goods for their stores via its Urdu-only app-based marketplace.


Dawaai is a famous digital health information portal in Pakistan. It contains a variety of health-related information. It also includes an online pharmacy network and generic medications.

Dawaai was founded in 2013 . It integrates a variety of industrial services, including e-commerce, mHealth, the internet, health care, and pharmaceuticals.

This startup presently employs between 101 and 250 people. . It has a total financing of $9,500,000.

Customers may order goods for everyday well-being, herbal and homoeopathic remedies, sexual health, and medical equipment. It has also offered blogs about the products that include uses, side effects, cautions, and other product information.

Founder of Dawai:

Furquan Kidwai is the founder and CEO of Dawaai.pk and Well.pk, both of which are owned by Dawaai Inc. Furquan, a graduate of Cambridge University and Imperial College London, and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, began his career as an investment banker based in London and Wall Street, where he worked for the final eight and a half years until launching Dawaai Inc in Pakistan in 2013.


To deliver outstanding services, airlift technologies use technology and innovative logistics. It provides clients with vital home supplies delivered within 30 minutes.

Airlift was formed in March 2019 in Lahore by Meher Farrukh, Muhammad Owais, Usman Gul, Awaab Khakwany, Zohaib Ali, and Ahmed Ayub. At the time, its services were provided in eight different cities around Pakistan.

During the period of COVID-19 epidemic, the airlift services were also available. They serve their consumers by employing contemporary buses. However, the pandemic was incurable to the company. In September 2020, they decided to started again by focusing on delivery products.

The airlift, however, established a record for Pakistani startups. In August 2021, it secured around $85MM in series B funding. As a result, in 2022, it will be necessary to monitor airlift.

Founder of AirLift:

Usman Gul, the founder CEO, had the concept for Airlift after seeing traffic congestion during a vacation visit to Lahore caused by the inefficiencies of local transit. Airlift Technologies was a Pakistani corporation that provided same-day delivery. It was established in March of 2019. It will cease all activities on July 13, 2022. Customers of the corporation utilised a smartphone application or website to purchase food and supplies online, and the things were airlifted and secured from their warehouse and delivered to the user within 30 minutes.

Grocer App

Grocer App is among the greatest startups in Pakistan. It offers online food stores at the most competitive pricing. Customers may order a variety of supermarket goods from the company. Products are  directly delivered straight to the customer’s door.

Ahmed Saeed, Hassan Sadiq, and Rai Bilal launched Grocer App. It began in Lahore in 2016. Consumer products, supermarket marketplace, shopping, e-commerce, and online portal services are among the industrial services provided.

Grocer App now employs between 11 and 50 people. This App has received investments from fifteen investors, with three financing rounds completed to date. Its overall financing is close to $6,200,000.

Grocer App offers a variety of deals and promotions to its clients. This App’s prominent items include melon, samosa sheets, beef mince, and so on.

Founder Grocer App:

Ahmad Saeed is the CEO and Co-Founder of GrocerApp, a web and mobile app that allows users to order goods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy. After recognising the need and promise in the online grocery delivery industry in Pakistan, Ahmad co-founded GrocerApp in 2016 with Rai Bilal and Hassaan Sadiq. Following a $1 million seed financing led by Jabbar Internet Group in 2020, GrocerApp earned $5.2 million in a Series A investment led by Hayaat Global in June 2021.


Ahmed Khan established Cheetay, another of Pakistan’s greatest and most successful firms. It began in Lahore in 2015.

Cheetay serves a wide range of Pakistani businesses, including food delivery, logistics, and e-commerce. It is now regarded as Pakistan’s fastest-growing e-commerce site.

Cheetay, as previously said in an interview that they , offers a variety of market services. Some  are discussed more below.

• It delivers basics such as groceries or any other daily life goods to the customer’s door, and customers may also request food items to be delivered quickly to their door.

• People can order medications by submitting a prescription. It also delivers over-the-counter medications to customers’ homes.

Founder of Cheetay:

Cheetay Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was founded and is led by Ahmed Khan. Kaymu.pk, one of Ahmed’s enterprises, was acquired by Rocket Internet GmbH, and he later joined the firm as MD Asia & Europe. Ahmed has held positions ranging from analytics to information technology to operations to consulting to marketing to finance.

Krave Mart

Krave Mart is a Karachi-based business that aims to disrupt Q-commerce by delivering things in 10 minutes or less. The business has launched the largest pre-seed investment round in Pakistan, valued at $6 million, backed by some of the most well-known investors who have previously invested in startups such as Delivery Hero, Gorillas, Meituan, Rabbit, Kitopi, and Zeptos, among others. They believe that Quick Commerce will change the way Pakistanis purchase for food.

Founder of KraveMart:

Kassim Shroff, Hammad Bawany, Haziq Ahmed, and Ahsan Kidwai are the four masterminds of Krave Mart, all of whom are well-versed in the e-commerce business. The group is harnessing its zeal to match the response-driven, instant-delivery demands of the tech-savvy youth.


Bazaar, a B2B E-commerce and financial business, raised $70 million in a Series B investment headed by Dragoneer Investment Group and Tiger Global. Previously, Indus Valley Capital, Defy.vc, Ancrew Capital, Wavemaker Partners, B&Y Venture Partners, and Zayn Capital contributed $30 million in Series A funding to Bazaar. Bazaar’s total investment exceeds $100 million, making it one of Pakistan’s best-funded firms.

The company is developing a classic retail operating system. They provide an internet marketplace that assists merchants in obtaining merchandise for their businesses, Easy Khata software, and Bazaar Credit, a short-term working capital finance solution.The marketplace serving  in  more then 21 towns and cities of Pakistan with 3-4 new additions every month.

Founder of Bazaar:

Saad Jangda and Hamza Jawaid, the founders of Bazaar, have always had lofty goals for their company, which today announced the successful conclusion of a $70 million Series B investment round.


Educative, one of our members, is a hands-on skill development platform for software professionals and their companies. The business just announced a $12 million Series A funding round. Matrix Partners led the round, which included included new and returning investors such as Trilogy Equity Partners. Lookout co-founder Kevin Mahaffey, Mercury.com co-founder Immad Akhund, Segment co-founder Ilya Volodarsky, and a number of other angel investors also took part.

The money will allow Educative to accelerate its expansion in the B2B arena, where firms such as LinkedIn, Samsung, and VMware use the company’s proprietary technology to onboard new engineers, upskill current ones, and create engineering managers. To drive expansion throughout its worldwide client base, the firm intends to hire more than 200 additional staff.

Founder of Educative:

Fahim ul Haq is the co-founder and CEO of Educative, the world’s top developer upskilling platform. He is a former Microsoft and Facebook software engineer with a strong desire to provide better, more effective ways for developers to learn in-demand skills.


Pakistan’s top e-ticketing platform has secured around $7.5 million in Series A investment, with over 4.6 million registered clients in the transportation and entertainment industries. Zayn Capital, seed investor Lakson VC, and UAE-based Hayaat Global co-led the round, which included participation from MENA-based BY Ventures and Jabbar Internet Group, New York-based Millville Opportunities, and Silicon Valley-based Mentor’s Fund.

Customers may easily book using the fully integrated platform by clicking a button. Their plug-and-play distribution technology connects intercity transportation, domestic and international airlines, hotels, and entertainment events reservation systems.

Founder of bookme.pk;

Faizan Aslam is the Founder and CEO of BookMe, Pakistan’s top online ticketing service for movies, events, and buses. He founded the company out of a desire to serve people. BookMe pioneered e-ticketing in Pakistan, pioneered variable prices with bus ticketing in Pakistan, expanded operations to Myanmar, and is one of Pakistan’s top e-commerce businesses in terms of transaction volume.


Seed and pre-seed investment totaled $15 million for QisstPay. MSA Capital led the round, which included institutional investors Global Founders Capital, Fox Ventures, and First Check Ventures, as well as strategic angel investments from Scalapay co-founders Simone Mancini and Johnny Mitrevski.

Many residents in underdeveloped nations are unable to access consumer finance or credit card services available in affluent ones. This has an influence not just on their capacity to acquire recreational and luxury products, but also on their access to basic necessities..

Founder of QisstPay:

Jordan Olivas, the CEO and creator of Qisstpay, has been working in Pakistan on the BNPL initiative, which aims to transform Pakistan’s Fintech and e-commerce sectors. He acknowledges the difficulty of introducing a new and unique payment system in the country, but is optimistic that BNPL will eventually replace traditional credit cards.

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